TM = The Matrix or Time Management

Why should you play these games?

To improve your memory speed. 

To keep information in your short-term and long-term memory. 

To improve your “Study Skills” by using technology.

There are several TM games for different content areas.  Play them all!

Here is a TM template, so you can create your own games too.

TM template

We will compete weekly in class with these games.

I.  Word Analysis

LA VD LT WD.pptx         LA VD LT WD.ppt

II.  Reading Comprehension

III. Literary Response and Analysis

IV.  Writing Strategies

V.  Written Conventions

TM HHC1 Subject and Predicate

HHC3E1-10 Parts of Speech

Other Links.

LA Grade 8 CST Released Questions.



History – Social Science Grades 6-8 CST Released Questions


LA VD LT WD = Language Arts Vocabulary Development Literary Terminology Word Definition


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