Projects:  You will do self-awareness projects throughout the year to get ready for your professional life after secondary education.

Project 1 : Past Present Future (visual timeline)  due October 9, 2012 (100 pts).  You will present in class.  Email the PowerPoint to Mr.Dickes at dickesryan@gmail.com

Click on the following attachment.  Past Present Future by Mr.Dickes

The requirements:  1 Past Slide with 10+ pictures representing your life (1998-2010), 1 Present slide (2011) with 10+ pictures, 1 Future slide with 10+ pictures (2012-2030) representing your dreams and goals to accomplish the next twenty years; each slide is worth 33.3 points and you only get credit when you present the project in class during October 2011


Project 2: Memoir. 

This will be assigned in Winter 2013.  500+ words

“Defining Moments” (memoir) writing/presentation assignment overview:

Introduction – gets audience attention and includes dialogue for characters.

Body – builds to a climax (topping point of the story), more dialogue

Conclusion – reflective process and discusses what was learned from the experience and how your life has improved/changed since the defining moment.

You will read your writing to the class to share your “defining moment” experience, so we can learn more about each other and the successes or the setbacks that we have faced in our life.


Project 3:  University Assignment. 

University Assignment 2011

Here is a student sample.  Use it as a guide to follow the slide format.

University of British Columbia by Eunice

Presentations begin Spring 2013.


Special Assignment:  Scholarship time.  Will be assigned in December 2012.



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