Each fictional story follows a plot, a chain or series of related events that tells us what happens in a story.  This page will help you understand how all of the components fit together.  You will be able to connect these ideas not only to the ficitional stories that you read weekly in class but also to movies and maybe even to politics.

Use the SAYDO Guide 2011 to analyze every paragraph to help you understand how the author created the plot and kept your attention throughout the story.


Here are two student samples for a SAY/DO activity.  After reading the text, students do a T-Chart.  On the left-side, students write what the author is “Saying” (summarizing by paraphrasing the paragraph) and what the author is “Doing” (literary devices/strategy used in the paragraph) on the right-side.  Every paragraph is analyzed in depth.

Another resource to use is the Narrative Analysis Guide (NAG).  It covers key concepts for fictional text.  You will do a NAG once a month for the books that you are reading at home that challenge you.

Various commonly used themes…


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