You need to memorize these parts of speech, so we can discuss more important concepts like analyzing your thesis sentence for your informational reports or writing a rhetorical precis.

I have noticed lots of grammatical errors throughout ALL student essays.  We need to build a solid foundation for analyzing (editing/revising) sentences fast.  Sentence structure can be broken down into different components.  How each teacher views grammar instruction will vary, so your high school teachers could have another approach next year.  Adapt.

For starters, Subject/Verb (S/V) agreement is the most important.  Why?  So, your college professor will not throw your paper in the garbage four years from now due to your essay lacking essential grammatical concepts.  You need to have a consistent verb tense throughout.  We will discuss this practice daily in class.  This page is not intended for S/V agreement.  You can go to the DOL page instead for practice regarding S/V agreement.

The purpose of this page is to master (memorize) linking verbs, prepositions, and other parts of speech.  However, remember that the way a word is used in a sentence will determine its part of speech.

22 Commonly Used Linking Verbs





60 Commonly Used Prepositions

60 Commonly Used Prepositions


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