An analogy is used to compare ideas to simplify concepts.  However, if you don’t understand how the analogy works, you could simply get more confused.

The purpose of this page is to improve your word and sentence analysis by understanding several different types of analogies that are commonly used in language.

Also, at the bottom of this page, you will find some pictures for the SAT.  This test will be taken during your junior year in high school to provide insights for university acceptance personnel regarding your college readiness.  Universities look at your SAT scores and grades among a number of other criteria to separate students who are serious about their educational future and those who are not.

You need to have a large vocabulary base (due to reading challenging text 1-3 hours every day for years).  Also, you need to be able to understand the main idea for a variety of readings.  Context clues is always an excellent strategy and so is process of elimination, but a sound vocabulary base due to extensive practice with analogies and constant reading is a must!






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