H – Booklets

H = History

You will create a booklet every two weeks.  The booklet is a research report that is comprised of three separate time frames based on a common theme.  You need to use the attachments below to complete this project worth 300 pts.

2012 Research Report Rubric and Vocabulary Rubric revised

The essay is worth 200 points and the vocabulary section is worth 100 points.

Vocabulary Rubric…


Booklet Topic Sheets and due Dates

The Booklet Topics Sheet order is in sequence where the first booklet due (August 9, 2012) is at the bottom of this page and the last booklet (April 2013) is the one below.

G7C16-17 and G8C16 Booklet Topics Sheet due…


G7C14-15 and G8C15 Booklet Topics Sheet due…


G7C12-13 and G8C14 Booklet Topics Sheet due 03-14-13


G7C10-11 and G8C13 Booklet Topics Sheet due 02-28-13


G7C8-9 and G8C12 Booklet Topics Sheet due 02-07-13


G7C6-7 and G8C11 Booklet Topics Sheet  due 01-24-13


G7C4-5 and G8C10 Booklet Topics Sheet  due 12/20/12


G7C2-3 and G8C9 Booklet Topics Sheet  due 12/06/12


G6C13-15 and G8C8 Booklet Topics Sheet due November 15, 2012


G6C11and12 and G8C7 Booklet Topics Sheet due November 1


G6C9-10 and G8C6 Booklet Topics Sheet due October 18, 2012


G6C7&8 and G8C5 Booklet Topics Sheet  due  09-20-12


G6C5&6 and G8C4 Booklet Topics Sheet  due 09-06-12


G6C3-4 and G8C3 Booklet Topics Sheet  due 08-23-12


G6C1-2 and G8C2 Booklet Topics Sheet   due 08-09-12



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