Leaders change the world.  However, each leader has their own agenda that varies.  Their economic plans can have a dramatic effect on their respective countries for the better or the worse.  If you understand each presidents plan to improve the country and how it worked, you will gain a better understanding of the era of study, and you will be able to use past precedent as a gauge for future president decisions to predict if they will work or not.

We will discuss their ideas every day in class and draw connections to Obama’s current plans domestically and internationally and how the next election race to 2012 could focus on several issues like taxes or immigration rights.  What policies from the Obama administration that have been implemented the last three years will the Republicans plan to criticize to gain majority support from the American public?  How will Obama and his team (cabinent) counter argue these attacks?  Or is it just all rhetoric?

We will discuss Democratic, Republican, Independent, and other party ideas to gain a better understanding for key issues, so you can decide for yourself where you stand on important topics that affect your life.

Here are pictures of the 44 United States Presidents.

44 Presidents


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