Playing games makes learning fun.  The purpose of these history powerpoints is to learn the main ideas for  60+ chapters and 100+ sections for grades 6-8.  With the information, you need to constantly make connections to issues today, so the information is relevant.

Also, playing these games will help prepare you for the History CST in May 2012, which covers grades 6-8 standards.

Have fun.   JEOPARDY CST 1-50     JEOPARDY CST 51-100

Grade 6 Ancient World History and Grade 7 World History: Medieval to Early Modern Times

G6C2-11 Jeopardy revised

G6C12-G6C15 and G7C2-G7C6 Jeopardy revised

G7C7-G7C13 Jeopardy revised

G7C14-G7C17 Jeopardy revised

Grade 8 United States History: Independence to 1914

G8C1-5 Jeopardy revised

G8C6-10 Jeopardy revised

G8C11-15 Jeopardy revised

G8C16-20 Jeopardy revised

If you want, you can create your own JEOPARDY game for history or any other subject.  Attached below is a PowerPoint that has all of the links created.  You just need to add information for your game.

JEOPARDY template


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