Purpose of this site for 2013-2014 school year.

Students and Parents,

The purpose of this site is to be used as a resource to complete class and homework assignments to get ready for assessments.



9 responses to “Purpose of this site for 2013-2014 school year.

  1. Hey Mr.Dickes I wanted to know if you still have those worksheets we worked on for are essays, because were doing argumentative essays, and I feel more comfortable using your resources 🙂

  2. okay ill stop bye when i have time (:

  3. O: so theirs new teachers at ovhs?

  4. Hello Mr.D!
    I am currently taking Honors English thanks to you! My teacher was very impressed with what I knew and how you had taught it, she said it seemed a lot more productive. Thank you so much for teaching me and helping me succeed in my first year of high school in Tennessee!

  5. vanessa lopez

    hi Mr. D
    its Vanessa from last year & tomorrow is my last day of my freshmen year and i’m not going because i’m going to the movies with Isabel Flores (:
    why don’t you use your blog anymore??????
    P.S i’m bored in 0 period (avid)

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